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Cat Tales

cat photo 311
	 We adopted Chad in 2005 she was used to being the
	 only baby but we decided to bring her a little 
	 buddy home in July she's adjusted  well and Remi
	 (formerly  Sherwin) never leaves her side.
photo310 of cat

	I adopted Tres 4 years ago after he had a
	leg amputated... he's super loved, super 
	spoiled and the best kitty i've ever had!!!
	Im so grateful to SPEAK for the little 3 
	legged love of my life!!!
photo309 of cat
	Puma (black male) and Lucy (aka "Carol" muted calico
	female) we adopted on December 28th 2010. Puma can 
	jump 4ft straight up and plays fetch with metal soda
	caps .. he also unrolls toilet paper in the bath-
	room .. Lucy is shy but melts in your lap.
	Our kitty Soco. Adopted in the fall of 2002, he's 
	our loveable boy.

	This is Coleman..he was adopted in December
	of 2008. His name was Jude when we picked 
	him up and he also had a fractured back 
	leg when you took him in. He is doing 
	well and is very loved by us all. He has 
	one sister cat that we have. She is a 
	Himalayan. Her name is Kennedy and also 
	is soooo loved by my daughter Rylee. 
	He will be getting a sister soon.
	We have adopted a Sheltie puppy who 
	will be home with us at the end of Aug. 
cat photo 307
	Your new facilities look amazing! What a blessing you
	are for kittens and cats of all sizes, (as well as 
	many other animals). 

	About a year and a half ago, my fiance and I adopted
	a kitten from you, which we re-named Hunter. Hunter
	has grown into a beautiful cat and is still as fun, 
	sweet, and playful as ever. 
	Thank you so much for bringing him into	our lives, 
	we cannot express how much he means to us.

	Have a wonderful holiday season! 
cat photo 306
	A couple hours after we got her.
	Her new name is Lucy.
	We love her a lot 
cat photo 305
 We just wanted to send pictures of Rory (aka Sudoku)
 that we adopted on 7/30/2010. She is such a good 
 kitty, and is a little ball of energy. She is getting
 along great with her big sister Miley even though
 sometimes she can get annoyed with Rory licking her.

	Jessica and Eric 
 Attached are some photos of Goose, a kitten 
 I had adopted from your shelter in August.
 He's about to turn 6 months old and is an
 absolute doll - I've had cats in the past,
 but never any as loving and sweet as him.  
 His favorite activities include snuggling 
 and taking pieces of food out of his bowl
 and chasing them around the kitchen.  
 He also likes to take some of my pens and 
 jewelry and hides them in stashes around 
 the apartment (I actually think it's very funny).
 Just wanted to say thanks, and that I'm a
 very happy cat mother! Kaitlin
    Vinnie and Pauly love their new home! 
    Here is a picture of Oliver he has been a
	very good natured cat. My little daughter
	goes behind him and pulls his tail and I yell
	at her don't pull his tail, but he doesn't care.
	He is a laid back cat. so far I don't have any 
	problem of him jumping on my counters or the
	table or scratching my daughter Bridget. 
	Thank you very much for a wonderful cat.
	Love him so much.
     How cute are they?! Ronda M Piedmonte
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