Society for the Promotion of Education in Animal Kindness, Inc.
                          351 Flint Rd Binghamton, NY 13905
	Frequently Asked Questions.

	Q: Do you have kittens as wells as cats?
	A: Yes, we have both adult cats and many kittens.

	Q: Do you have other animals like dogs and rabbits also?
	A: No, we have only cats and kittens.

	Q: How much does it cost to adopt a cat or kitten?
	A: Kittens are $88 and adult cats are $55. Be sure to
	   see our adoptables pages for more details.

	Q: Are all of your cats and kittens spayed or neutered?
	A: Yes, they are all spayed or neutered.

	Q: How about shots, do they all have their shots?
	A: Yes, all are testing for Feline Leukemia/AIDS/Heart-worm, 
	   plus deworming, defleaing, spay/neuter, given first 
	   distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine, physical exam and
	   any other medical treatment that they may need.
revised: Sept. 11, 2011