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Canine Parvo Virus Alert:
  This summer at SPEAK Animal Hospital we have seen a tremendous
  increase in the number of dogs diagnosed with Canine Parvo Virus.  

  Parvo virus is an immune suppressant virus found in dogs and 
  puppies. The virus is found in the environment and is highly 
  contagious. Parvo strikes rapidly and causes severe diarrhea, 
  vomiting and lethargy and left untreated survival is highly 
  unlikely. Early diagnosis is critical in order to provide 
  immediate and life-saving treatments which can last three to 
  seven days. The virus is preventable with a simple vaccine
  protocol which usually starts in puppies eight weeks of age.  
  After that, annual boosters maintain  immunity. Please call
  our hospital for more information or to schedule a visit at
Spaying and neutering:
  Cats can literally breed like rabbits. Females can produce two
  litters a year and kittens can become pregnant as early as 4 or
  5 months old. Spaying a female cat helps to protect against 
  mammary cancer, unwelcome behavior when they are in heat and 
  uterine infections. Unneutered male cats fight one another 
  causing bite wounds. Intact males seek out females making it
  a challenge to keep males inside They will spray urine to 
  mark their territory to show their availability to other cats. 

  The veterinarians here at SPEAK will spay/neuter a feline
  as long as they are 2.5 pounds.  
Fleas and ticks:
  Fleas and ticks may pose a very real threat to the health and 
  comfort of your pet. In addition to extreme discomfort, fleas 
  and ticks can also cause serious health problems in pets and
Zoonotic diseases - The shared threat:
   A zoonosis or zoonose is any infectious disease that can
   be transmitted (in some instances, by a vector) from other
   animals, both wild and domestic, to humans or from humans
   to animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis).
Zoonotic diseases of concern to pet owners.
Simple ways to protect your family:
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